Badaru meets Stakeholders
Governor Muhammad Badaru Abubakar recently met with various groups in the state in an interactive session where he gave them an update with regards to the performance of his administration. The groups comprised members of the Elders forum, Jigawa forum and civil society organizations.

Giving an overview of his administration, the Governor stated that, “our first set of interventions was a direct response to the most critical challenge that stared us in the face on taking over the reign of leadership which was that of dwindling revenues, huge contractual commitments, financial liabilities, high-cost of administrative governance and fiscal uncertainties. We rightly felt from the onset that, unless this challenge is squarely addressed, the situation could get calamitous and degenerate to a level where it would even be impossible to pay salaries and meet the cost of even the most basic public services – which has been the case of many States in the Federation. It was at that moment that we adopted prudence and value for money as an underlying principle in our change mantra. Governance is a public trust and nowhere should this be more evident than in the management of public resources – financial or otherwise…”
He informed the gathering that his administration was receiving an average of three to four billion naira monthly from the federation account and has a standing order of two point nine billion naira monthly as expenditure.
He to the gathering that Government was presently executing one thousand and eighty six kilometers road projects whose monetary value stood at one hundred and twenty one billion naira and that the previous administration paid only forty three billion naira leaving a balance of seventy eight billion naira of which his administration has paid thirty four billion Naira pointing out that no contractor is being owed by the state as all certificate raised were paid.
On the issue of reduction in standing orders, the governor said he set the example from his office, by driving from Dutse to Abuja and back just to save eighteen million Naira for the state on flight expenses.

In a power point presentation, titled, “2 years of visionary leadership”, the state deputy Governor Barrister Ibrahim Hassan observed that one of the hallmarks of a progressive society is the ability of its leaders to institute people centric policies capable of uplifting the living standards of its citizens and fast tracking their economic growth and prosperity.

He said understanding that the growth and development of a people is the highest calling of leadership, the Governor Muhammad Badaru led administration has not failed in the important task of prioritizing human development and economic prosperity to ensure they leave the arena better than they found it adding that the impact of the people oriented governance is being felt across all sectors and strata of the Jigawa Society despite the precarious financial situation prevalent on assumption of office and the declining fiscal resources accruable to the State.

The Deputy Governor stated that, the progress recorded so far in all sectors has confirmed that with ingenuity and an innovative approach to governance, hopes can be restored, dreams achieved and challenges transformed into opportunities.

He said the forum was meant to enlighten and present them with the score card of the administration`s efforts in combating the myriad of challenges confronting the State and its resolve to create a secure and prosperous society with equal opportunity for the people of Jigawa State.

According to the report presented by the Deputy Governor, despite decrease in income, Salaries are paid as and when due, Leave grants bonuses paid as promised 17% pension contribution of N2.53b paid with Gratuities paid when due and that recurrent expenditures related to Education which are (fuelling, boarding school feeding, stationery, laboratory consumables, e.t.c), Healthcare encompassing (fuelling, consumables, e.t.c), Water Resources for the of (fuelling, chemicals, e.t.c) among others are settled as and when due.

On major capital investments the sum of N24.902b was spent on Roads projects while Water supply consumed N3.501b, Agriculture N3.04b, Education N9.439b, Health N1.835b and N0.496b for Economic Empowerment.

On Stabilization Fund which meant to be savings reserved for uncertainties, Barrister Ibrahim Hassan informed the stakeholders that the balance in the account has built up by 329% and so far there is a balance of N246,749,800.07 as at 30th April, 2017 as against the balance of N749,684.95 left behind by the 29th May, 2015.
Other presentations were those of Commissioners of health Dr Abba Zakari and that of Education, Hajiya Rabi Eshaq.

In their contributions the stakeholders unanimously agreed that the Government was on the right track and urged the Governor not be distracted by unsavory criticisms and advised for similar meetings on quarterly basis so as to keep the people of the state abreast of happenings particularly the achievements of the administration.

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