Investment Potentials
The promotion and development of Commerce and Industry in the State is vested in the Ministry of Commerce , Industry i.es and coperatives. It is the prime mover of the economy in collaboration with other sectors. However in pursuance of the national policy on commerce and industry the State adopted the strategy of the Federal Government policy on promoting public/private sector partnership especially in the following areas:
  1. Engineering
    • Foundries and Forges
    • Metal Fabrication and machine tools
  2. Chemical/Petrochemical
    • Pharmaceuticals
  3. Agro-Allied
    • Rubber and Plastics
    • Leather and Leather Products, Textile and Wearing Apparel
    • Sugar, Sugar Confectionery and Beverages
    • Cereals and Grapes
    • Vegetable oil, Oil seeds, Roots and Tubers
    • Livestock and Allied products
Markets Development
Currently Government is developing the major markets in the state as its strategy to improve the Investment climate in the State. Infrastructure is being provided, which includes Administrative Blocks, Fire Service Stations, Ware Houses, lockable and unlock- able shops, Cattle Ranches, Animal Pens, Refuse Management, Loading and unloading Bays, Motor Parks, Wall Fences, Road Networks (Service Roads), Bore Holes, Lodging, Restaurants etc Private Investors may wish to partner with the State in these project.
  1. Construction
    • Cement
    • Bricks and Glass
In addition to the above, the following sub sectors have been identified as having great potentials in facilitating industrial development of the state and the country in general. These are as follows:-
  • Information and Communication Technologies
    • Computer-based technologies
    • Optical electronics
    • Global system of communications
  • Biotechnology
    • Genetically engineered agricultural products
  • Engineering
    • Plant and Machinery manufacture
Commercial and Industrial Opportunities and Potentials
Opportunities abound for the flourishing of small and medium scale industries, which could be the precursor for big industries. In addition to a good raw material base especially for agro-based industries, the availability of solid mineral deposits is a strong potential for developing the sector. Other potential and opportunities in the industrial and commercial sector are:-
  1. Availability of a sizeable workforce
  2. Opportunity of cross-border trading with other African countries
  3. Proximity to major population centers and strong internal markets
Factory Building at the Mbfz Solid Minerals
It is a fact that no Nigerian State has developed its mineral potentials which is another area of investment. The State is endowed with various Solid Mineral resources occurring in various locations which remain unutilized despite the encouraging need to do so. The availability of these resources is confirmed in commercial quantity. (see details on EPZ).
Incentives to Potential Investors in the Industrial and Commercial Sectors
In order to induce greater support for the industrial development, and considering the need to promote a dynamic, efficient and sustainable manufacturing sector, a package of incentives has been put in place by Government. These incentives are designed to encourage the private sector to play a vital role in the industrial development, geographical dispersal of industries, increase in industrial output for domestic and export markets, value addition, domestic resource utilization, capacities for entrepreneurship and technical skills, competitiveness of made in Nigeria products; promotion of industrial linkages and facilitation of inflow of capital and technologies.
Industrial Incentives
In general, the package incentives can be categorized as follows:
  • Fiscal
  • Export
Fiscal Incentives
Fiscal incentives have been fashioned out to provide for deductions and allowances in the determination of taxes payable by manufacturing enterprises. The fiscal incentives are targeted at specific aspects of industrial activities as follows:
  • Pioneer Status
    • Local-raw materials development
    • Local value addition
    • Labour intensive processes
    • Export-oriented activities
    • Manpower development; and
    • Investment in economically disadvantaged areas

  • Tax Relief on Research and Development
    Industrial establishments are expected to engage in Research and Development (R&D) for the improvement of their processes and products. Up to 120 ¬percent of expenses on R&D is tax deductible provided that such activities are carried out in Nigeria and are connected with the business from which the income or profit is derived.
  • Companies Income Tax
    The following reliefs and regulations are applicable:
    • Zero percent corporate tax rate
    • Leased assets used in agro-allied companies will be granted 100 percent capital allowances. Moreover, where the leased asset share agricultural plants and equipment, there will be an additional investment allowance of 10 percent
    • Replacement of Industrial Plant and Machinery is an addition to rollover relief under the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Act, a once and for all 95 percent retention as book value until disposal, and an investment allowance of 15 percent is granted.
    • Tax Incentives for Local Production of Parts, Machinery and Equipment. Companies engaged wholly in the fabrication of tools, spare parts and simple machinery for local consumption and exports are to enjoy 25 percent Investment Tax Credit on their qualifying Capital Expenditure
    • Any tax payer who purchases locally manufactured plant/machinery and equipment is similarly entitled to 15 percent investment tax credit on such fixed assets bought for use
Export Incentives
  • Refund of import duty on raw materials used for the production of exportable products
  • Refund of excise duty paid on export manufacturers
  • Raw materials imported for export production will be exempted from import levy
  • Preferential import license for import of raw materials required for export products
  • Non-oil exporters will be allowed to retain all of the proceeds of foreign exchange earned from export in their foreign currency account with Nigerian Banks. The amount can be utilized to import additional raw materials to meet export orders
  • Government will provide support service to entrepreneurs seeking new export markets
  • Assistance on export costing and pricing will be provided by the Government
  • Liberalization and supplication of export products
  • Export credit guarantee and insurance scheme
Information and Communication Technology
The key prospect in the information and communication potential is the commitment of Government in using ICT as a platform for rapid societal transformation. That is why Jigawa state has become an ICT pacesetter in the country through the establishment of a Broadband Access Network. It is as a result of this commitment that an Institute for Information Technology was established from where a crop of ICT professionals has begun to emerge.
  • Electricity
    Jigawa State has its own independent power project source in addition to the National Power Grid. The project was divided into four development corridors which include Dutse, Gujungu, Kazaure and Maigatari. Other additional sources of power supply include solar energy and bio gas.
  • Transportation
    The road network links Dutse the state capital to Kano down to the Southern part of the country. From Dutse to Bauchi across to Yola and to the Republic of Cameroun, then from Dutse to Yobe across Borno State to Chad Republic and Dutse to Maigatari to Niger Republic. Proximity to a major International airport in Kano State, a distance of about 120km. Railway line linking the State with sea ports in Lagos, Calabar, Benin and Port-Harcourt.
  • Supporting Institutions
Investment and Property Development Company
This Company is established to manage Government equity investment port folio in various Companies.
  • Chamber of Commerce
    Chamber of Commerce is the organization that holds the responsibility of promoting Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Solid Minerals in the State.
  • Gum Arabic Co. Ltd
    The company is supported by USAID in the testing, grading and processing of Gum Arabic.
  • Jigawa Agricultural and Rural Development Agency
    The agency assists in the acceleration of agriculture in Jigawa State.
Industrial Potentials:
The state's industrial potentials, include:
Garbage industry, Stone Crushing, White bricks manufacturing plant,  Concrete Block industry, Printing services, industry Cooking gas refilling plant, Car wash services, Tailoring industry, Nail making plant, Children's disposable items industry, Grains & Rice processing plant, Poultry keeping and Hatchery, Modern Slaughter House, Manure Manufacturing industry, Spinning industry, Match manufacturing, Feed Mill, Leather tanning and finishing, Mini flour mill and bakery, Soft drinks manufacturing, Fish production and smoking, Ice block manufacturing, Paper manufacturing Particle board and ceiling manufacturing,  X-ray film manufacturing, Confectionery plant, Plastic wares, Cotton white calico weaving e.t.c
The state is endowed with abundant mineral and natural resources
  1. Livestock
    The state has in abundance such livestock as sheep, goats, donkeys, horses, camels, and the horned cattle, a breed unique to West Africa.
  2. Mineral Resources
    Among the newly created states in Nigeria, Jigawa is probably one of the most richly endowed in terms of mineral resources. The following are the minerals available in the state:

    • Kaolin
      Large deposits of kaolin abound in Duste, Gwaram, Kazaure and Roni Local government areas. Kaolin is used in the manufacture of white cement, white wash, drugs like mist-kaolin. It can also be used in the manufacture of ceramic items of high quality as well as toothpaste.
    • Tourmaline
      This is a highly valued type of gem stone and it is found  in parts of Gwaram Local Government Area.
    • Marl and Marlstone
      These deposits occur in Hadejia, Birniwa, Birnin Kudu, Gumel and Garki Local government areas. It is widely used in the manufacture of cement and fertilizer for soils deficient in acid.
    • Potash
      This mineral is available in Birniwa and Kirikasamma local government areas. It is used in the manufacture of drugs and explosives.
    • Potash
      This mineral is available in Birniwa and Kirikasamma local government areas. It is used in the manufacture of drugs and explosives.
    • Silica
      Silica is used in the manufacture of sheet glass, abrasive paper, ceramics and burnt bricks. It exists at Ringim, Birniwa, Kazaure, and Babura local government areas.
    • Iron Ore
      This is found in Roni Local Government Area. Iron ore is used in steel manufacturing.
    • Copper
      This is found in the iron ore field identified at Roni Local Government.  It is largely used in making ornaments, kitchen utensils, electrical wires, and coins.
    • Pedoshper
      This occurs in the Birnin Kudu Local Government Area. It is used in the manufacture of ceramics, artificial teeth, and even cement.
    • Gold
      Traces of Gold have been identified in Dutse Local Government Area. Meanwhile, further investigation is presently going on to trace its origin.
    • White Quartz
      Occurring in commercial quantity at Kazaure and Roni, white quartz is used in manufacturing glass and ceramic items. It also exists in crystal form at Gwaram Local Government Area.
    • Refactory Clay
      This deposit is available at Hadejia and is mainly used as a refactory clay or mould.
    • Fine Clay
      This deposit with expected high aluminum content is available at Gwaram Local Government Area.
    • Antimony
      This in compound with other minerals is available at Birnin-Kudu.

For more information, please visit: Jigawa State Economic and Investment Summit

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